Legal and Regulatory

It is the policy of EJF Investments Ltd (the "Company") to conduct all of its business in an honest and ethical manner. The Company will not tolerate the facilitation of tax evasion, bribery or corruption of any sort wherever it operates, and is committed to acting professionally and with integrity. The Company has developed appropriate anti-facilitation of tax evasion and anti-bribery and corruption policies to ensure that its business is carried out fairly, honestly and openly. Such policies are applicable to all who represent the Company, including its service providers.

The Company respects and complies with all laws relevant to countering tax evasion, bribery and corruption.


Important Notice

Due to restrictions under applicable securities laws, access to this website is not permitted in certain jurisdictions.

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EJF Investments Ltd has been established in Jersey as a listed fund under a fast-track authorisation process. It is suitable therefore only for professional or experienced investors, or those who have taken appropriate professional advice. Regulatory requirements which may be deemed necessary for the protection of retail or inexperienced investors, do not apply to listed funds. By investing in this fund you will be deemed to be acknowledging that you are a professional or experienced investor, or have taken appropriate professional advice, and accept the reduced requirements accordingly. You are wholly responsible for ensuring that all aspects of this fund are acceptable to you. Investment in listed funds may involve special risks that could lead to a loss of all or a substantial portion of such investment. Unless you fully understand and accept the nature of this fund and the potential risks inherent in this fund you should not invest in this fund.