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AIC Guide to Alternative Assets

08 January 2019

A guide to alternative assets by the Association of Investment Companies

AIC Guide to Alternative Assets

Barron's Opportunity Zones Article

10 November 2018

Neal Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of EJF Investments Manager LLC, is interviewed by Barron’s on November 10, 2018 about potential opportunities involving qualified opportunity zones in the U.S.

Barron's Opportunity Zones Article

Neal Wilson, CEO of EJF Investments Manager LLC, appears on CNBC

30 October 2018

Neal Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of EJF Investments Manager LLC, discussed the potential benefits of regulatory relief legislation, tax reform and qualified opportunity zones on U.S. small banks on CNBC

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The Hill – Treasury Secretary

22 October 2018

Neal Wilson, CEO of EJF Investments Manager LLC speaks about qualified opportunity zones and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin discusses a wide range of topics at The Hill’s Newsmaker Series

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