Manager Communications - Updates

EJF Investments Manager LLC - Market Update

21 October 2019

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EJF Capital LLC Update

03 September 2019

EJF Capital LLC, the parent company of EJF Investments Manager LLC, receives strategic minority investment from Kudu Investment Management.

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EJF Investments Manager LLC Update – Q2 Community Bank Earnings Support Strong Credit Quality

12 August 2019

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EJFI - Ordinary Share Key Information Document

07 June 2019

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Largest Bank Merger Since Great Financial Crisis Reaffirms Strength of U.S. Consolidation Trend

12 February 2019

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Why U.S. Bank and Insurance Credit Should Not be Bucketed with the Broader Credit Markets, Including High Yield and Leveraged Loan Markets

09 January 2019

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EJF Investments Manager LLC Update #3 – Regulatory Relief Bill

23 May 2018

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EJFI – New Registrar Letter to Non-CREST Shareholders

12 April 2018

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EJF Investments Manager LLC Update #2 - Regulatory Relief Bill

15 March 2018

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Manager Commentary on the February 2018 Ruling Regarding Risk Retention Regulations

13 February 2018

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EJFI - 2022 Zero Dividend Preference Share Key Information Document

28 December 2017

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EJF Investments Manager LLC Update - Regulatory Relief Bill

17 November 2017

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